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Optimum growth on a mineral basis.

PERLIGRAN® – the perlite for horticulture

First-rate quality for substrates and hydroponics

Whether as mineral supplement or as a pure medium, PERLIGRAN®, made from pure and natural perlite, enables the optimal growth of a multitude of delicate roots, reliably creating ideal conditions for highly profitable growth of vegetables, herbs, and ornamental plants.

First-rate soil additive

Outstanding features

100 % natural and mineral-based

PERLIGRAN® is based on the natural volcanic rock perlite. In a special refining process, the “popcorn principle,” the previously crushed rock is briefly heated to 1,000°C. The water contained in the crystal expands, causing the perlite to enlarge up to 20 times its volume.


PERLIGRAN® is a pure mineral medium, which means that it is phytosanitary. This eliminates the possibility of unfortunate incidents in professional horticulture crop. In hydroponics, the phytosanitary compatibility of PERLIGRAN® can be restored by a special steaming process even after use. PERLIGRAN® can be reused as a pure medium up to five times.


RHP, originally Regeling Handels Potgronden, has been a recognized centre of expertise for cultivation substrates for decades. The RHP certificate guarantees compliance with the highest standards of product safety, purity, quality assurance, weed control, and research and development.


PERLIGRAN® is organic conformable and approved by the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FiBL) as a soil and substrate additive for organic farming and horticulture; it is currently the only perlite product with this distinction.


PERLIGRAN® is reliably available in consistently high quality. Raw material extraction and supply from the company’s own share of a mine on the Greek island of Milos, as well as refinement in its own production facilities, guarantee supply security and eliminate fluctuations in quality.

PERLIGRAN® in professional horticulture
PERLIGRAN® for private gardening
PERLIGRAN® for landscaping
PERLIGRAN® for vegetable crop
PERLIGRAN® for professional pot plants crop
PERLIGRAN® as an additive for substrates
PERLIGRAN®: a pure medium for hydroponics

Uses and areas of application

Uses and areas of application

Uses and areas of application

Uses and areas of application

Uses and areas of application

Uses and areas of application

Uses and areas of application

Uses and areas of application

PERLIGRAN® in professional horticulture

PERLIGRAN® is used very successfully in horticulture for substrate or soil improvement, aeration, and moisture regulation, and that is no accident: it is uniquely refined especially for these applications.

PERLIGRAN® for private gardening

PERLIGRAN®, an all-mineral soil conditioner, naturally also supports hobby gardeners with its high water retention capacity, positive effects on root growth, and the loose, aerated soil it creates when used as a supplement.

PERLIGRAN® can be found in an increasing number of soils for cultivated crops, hobbies and herbs. Of course, PERLIGRAN® is also available for private individuals through specialist retailers.

PERLIGRAN® for landscaping

The properties of PERLIGRAN® are also appreciated in horticulture and landscaping. For example, it is used for newly planted greens on golf courses to help grass roots anchor better in the ground and for high-traffic green spaces such as parks and sports fields to strengthen the soil.

PERLIGRAN® can also be used to improve difficult soils. It sustainably supports air circulation and the granular structure of soils in wet locations where air is lacking, so that plant roots can develop ideally in the loosened soil. In light, sandy soils, water capacity can be increased considerably by blending with PERLIGRAN®. This can reduce the need for frequent watering and prevent damage from drying.

PERLIGRAN® for vegetable crop

PERLIGRAN® is also suitable for vegetable cropping, especially in problematic locations such as wet or sandy soils. When added to a wet soil with insufficient aeration, it becomes lighter, more structured, and thus more permeable to air and water. A soil that is too sandy or light can better retain water if it is blended with PERLIGRAN®, which can prevent damage from drying.

PERLIGRAN® for professional pot plants crop

For cut flower crop or horticulture crop of pot plants, PERLIGRAN® is used either as a substrate component, such as a peat substitute, or in pure form. The porous surface of the expanded perlite creates space for air and water. PERLIGRAN® optimizes water retention, and root growth improves. If pot plant substrates are used, they remain loose longer. The controlled supply of water and nutrients via computerized fertilization is also possible.

PERLIGRAN® as an additive for substrates

The addition of PERLIGRAN® to substrates, whether they are hobby or professional substrates, provides optimum aeration, improves rewettability, increases water retention volume, and improves structural stability. Substrates enriched with PERLIGRAN® therefore offer perfect conditions, especially for demanding plants whose roots reward a loose, well aerated substrate with strong, healthy growth. Thanks to screening, PERLIGRAN® is virtually free of fine particles which would otherwise cause soil compaction during irrigation. PERLIGRAN® Premium is screened twice and is absolutely dust-free.

PERLIGRAN®: a pure medium for hydroponics

Thanks to its excellent characteristics, pure, natural PERLIGRAN® in its pure form is an outstanding substrate for crop of cut flowers and vegetables in gutter systems. As a mineral medium, it is phytosanitary, pH-neutral, and chemically inert. Precious young plants and professional crop are thus protected against the influences of harmful organisms contained in the soil. At the same time, nutrients and water can be freely and precisely dosed according to individual requirements. Particularly attractive for hydroponics is the fact that PERLIGRAN® can be reused up to five times through steam disinfection. Even after such a cycle, PERLIGRAN® can easily be recycled as a soil additive, in an environmentally friendly manner.


Organic products are becoming increasingly important, and this also applies to horticulture. But organic substrates often fail to deliver the desired results in plants. The substrate lacks structure, while drainage and aeration are inadequate. This is where PERLIGRAN® Organic comes in.

PERLIGRAN® Organic is ideal for organic substrates because it provides better root formation, substrate structure, and drainage. PERLIGRAN® Organic re-adjusts the growth conditions to the natural environment. So the herbs smell better and have an intense taste.


PERLIGRAN® has a pore volume of 95% and thus provides excellent aeration of the substrate – ideal conditions even for the finest plant roots.

Water retention

Depending on the grade selected, PERLIGRAN® Premium or PERLIGRAN® Classic, PERLIGRAN® has a water storage capacity of 28 to 50 %.

Moisture regulation

PERLIGRAN® can absorb moisture very quickly due to its high capillarity. At the same time, it ensures good drainage and prevents waterlogging.

Salt-free, pH-neutral, lightweight

PERLIGRAN® is chemically inert, nutrient-free, and is pH-neutral. A dry weight of only 90 kg per cubic meter makes transport and handling a breeze.

Five varieties for healthy root growth

The PERLIGRAN® products

100 % natural PERLIGRAN® creates the best conditions for strong, healthy root growth as a basis for vigorous plants and high yields.

Make your selection of the desired screening grade and grain size. For your reference: the core application of PERLIGRAN® Classic is soil improvement of substrates and wet, heavy soils in landscaping. PERLIGRAN® Premium is the high-end product that sets international standards, not least in hydroponics. PERLIGRAN® Organic is the organic substrate additive that adapts the growing conditions of plants to their natural environment.






Product Grain size Screening
PERLIGRAN® Classic 0–6 mm
PERLIGRAN® Extra 2–6 mm 1x screening
PERLIGRAN® Medium 0–3 mm
PERLIGRAN® Premium 2–6 mm 2x screening
PERLIGRAN® Organic 2–6 mm 1x screening

PERLIGRAN® Knowledge Bar

Product data sheets, references, background information – PERLIGRAN® satisfies your thirst for know-how at the Knowledge Bar. Please help yourself.

Product data sheets
Safety data sheets
First-rate soil additive

Industrieverband Garten (IVG) e. V. (German Garden Industry Association)

At the IVG, the manufacturers of products for both amateur and professional horticulture have joined together to work for the interests of the garden industry. We are one of more than 130 member companies.

More information: www.ivg.org

Regeling Handels Potgronden (RHP)

RHP, originally Regeling Handels Potgronden,has been a recognized centre of expertise for cultivation substrates for decades. The RHP certificate guarantees compliance with the highest standards of product safety, purity, quality assurance, weed control and research and development.

More information: www.rhp.nl/en/home

Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau (FiBL) (Research Institute for Organic Agriculture)

FiBL is one of the world’s leading research institutions for organic farming, which regularly publishes a list of products that meet all the requirements for organic farming in Germany.

More information: www.fibl.org

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